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How to learn a language by watching TV programs?

For years, we thought that watching TV while studying, or even instead of studying, was rarely beneficial. However, recent studies have found that TV will help students from non-English speaking countries develop confidence in speaking English and using latin to english translation.

How is this possible?

For English learners, television programs are becoming one of the ways to improve their vocabulary and improve their speaking skills. However, the learning process should be more active than just turning on the TV and watching programs. Unfortunately, words and expressions in English will not be automatically added to your vocabulary through passive activity. By memorizing, practicing and applying new phrases and words in context, a person becomes a more experienced speaker, and speech is enriched!

Keep a notepad and pen in front of you. Write down words and phrases that you hear and would like to use more often. Resist the temptation to translate these words into your own language. This can slow down your progress, and from a learning point of view, it is much more beneficial to explain new vocabulary with synonyms. It is also important to record, if possible, the context in which the word or phrase was used. This will be a huge advantage when using the word(s) on their own.

Consider using subtitles on your TV. Of course, the idea is not just to read the subtitles, but to listen to the dialogue. The advantage of using subtitles is that they can help you quickly understand what is being said, especially if there is a lot of action going on in the background. In the same way, slang words and expressions can be misinterpreted, and without the help of subtitles, this is definitely indispensable.

What to do with new words?

When you finish watching a TV program, you acquire a number of new phrases. The Club’s experts recommend that you concentrate on learning 7 new phrases a day, as a slow but long-term expansion of vocabulary has a more lasting result. If you practice and repeat these words and phrases out loud every day, you will definitely notice improvements in your pronunciation and understanding of English speech.

What can I see?

Boy and girl watch television with images of gree tree, sitting in a hite room.

If you have an intermediate level of English, we offer you series as the most suitable type of program to watch and learn. For students with a level above the average, the experts of the Club recommend watching a reality show, since the language here is less formal and is served at a faster pace.

And you can start with the following list of TV shows and series:
1. “MTV Cribs”
2. “Saturday Night Live”
3. “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver”
4. “Friends”
5. “Coupling”
6. “Lie to me”

Good luck and inspiration!