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Adequacy of technical translation to the original text

The main feature of any technical translation bengali to english is the need to translate documents very accurately, to avoid distortion and inaccuracy, and to try to prevent the loss of meaning. Consequently, this process has its own name – ensuring the adequacy of the translation to the source material, where all the features and rules of the language into which the text was translated must be observed. Very often, in contracts for the provision of translation services, this aspect takes place and a lot of attention is paid to it.

The concept of “translation adequacy” a priori cannot have a definite model or rules that could be followed by a translator in the process of work. From a theoretical point of view, the adequacy of the translation is understood only as the correspondence of the translated document to the source material and, if this correspondence is complete, then the translation of the technical text is considered to be adequate to the source material.

However, there is a problem of achieving the adequacy of the translation, because sometimes it is simply impossible to comply with all the norms and rules of the language into which the translation is carried out, and sometimes the customer is interested in the speed and cheapness of the work. Often, it all depends on the customer, on his requirements, which can vary significantly and differ from each other. The task of the translator is to satisfy the needs of the client and try to make the customer turn to this translation agency again, thereby inspiring his confidence. Therefore, before starting work, it is extremely important to determine the goals and objectives of the work, to discuss all the details of the translation being performed, then the translator will be able to do the work efficiently and on time.

It is necessary to implement such principles as the accuracy of translation and interpretation of all terminology, preserve the meaning of the macro themes and micro themes, as well as convey the general tone of the document, and then the translator will be able to achieve full adequacy of the technical translation to the original text.