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The future of the profession of translator

XXI century: the world around is changing at the speed of light. Information technology and traductor catalan español allows you to communicate and conduct business in different parts of the world. The accelerated pace of life is bearing fruit: the demand and supply for technical and legal translation are growing. It would seem that there are so many opportunities for translators! But suddenly, there are competitors in the field of translation – various programs and online services that perform machine translation much faster than a person.

A negative aspect in this situation is the fact that now many people use automatic translation in their daily life. Thus, they cope with translations of texts of medium complexity. Having received the result, albeit not of the best quality, users of machine translation begin to doubt whether the work of a professional translator is worth the extra costs. In addition, today more and more people are interested in learning foreign languages. There are a huge number of websites, applications and language schools that will help you master the basic level of any language in a short time. This once again confirms that now it is not necessary to have a professional linguistic education in order to interact with a foreign environment.

On the other hand, it is a mistake to assume that the translation profession will disappear forever. After all, as far as we know, languages ​​are updated at a breakneck speed, and although many automatic translation services support vocabulary updates and corrections by users, they still never compare with the human mind. When it comes to translating important documentation, the customer prioritizes quality and, therefore, he will definitely turn to a specialist. Another good news is the development of the eastern countries. They are increasingly capturing the European market, and the demand for people who speak Chinese, Korean and Japanese is growing exponentially. If the economic situation in the east continues to improve, the demand for translators of these languages ​​will not disappear even due to machine translation services, since oriental languages ​​have many subtleties that only humans can understand.

Summing up, I would like to note that real specialists in the field of translation are irreplaceable and will always be in demand.