Translation and censorship in Nazi Germany

In Nazi Germany, translators with tagalog to english translator were considered enemies of Russian culture. In the newspapers, translation was described as a threat to the authenticity and unity of German society, as well as to its cultural products. Therefore, the regime considered it advisable to reduce the introduction of foreign elements by promoting Nazi […]

Subtleties of technical translation

The result of translating a foreign text into a native language is a text that looks or “readable” as if it was written in the native language. A technical translation must comply with this rule one hundred percent. Inadequate technical translation including english to telugu translation can become the primary source of serious problems, such […]

Automated Translation: Achievements and Challenges

The idea of automatically translating texts by means of iphone translator app was born at the same time as the advent of electronic computers. In 1949, mathematician W. Wirer proposed to the scientific community that computers be used for translation. Almost seventy years have passed since then, but the problem has not been fully solved […]

What is linguistic ability?

Taking on the study of a foreign language, for example, english to italian, a person must first of all: 1) clearly define the goal that he sets for himself, and 2) analyze his capabilities. It must be borne in mind that, regardless of goals, timing, abilities, etc., the language must be studied in a complex. […]

Learn English: Simple Tips

Perfect knowledge of spoken English has long been one of the most essential and at the same time natural skills in the modern world, a guarantee of success in life and a symbol of prestige. In order not to find the right words every time, but to speak English as easily and naturally as riding […]

How can you make your speaking work fun?

The purpose of speech is to receive or communicate interesting information, and not to develop speed, get rid of errors, etc. First of all, concentrate on what you are going to talk about, what will be of interest to you and the interlocutor, and not on how to speak, you must agree, the first is […]

We memorize English words easily. Six strategies for effective learning

Learning a foreign language (especially new words) is hard painstaking work, impossible without tedious hours of cramming, isn’t it? Not really. “If you use the power of your brain correctly, learning can become a much faster and more exciting process,” says Inna Maksimenko, founder of the author’s English language courses. Why do small children mastering […]

Vocabulary: how many words do you need to know?

The fact that the dictionary of the language contains about 300 thousand words is only of theoretical interest for a beginner to learn this language. Perhaps the main principle for the rational organization of their studies, especially at the initial stage, is the economy of words. You need to learn to memorize as few words […]